As previously noted, we are committed to keeping you informed as information becomes available on the Fawn Lake Dam Low Level Drain Repair.  We received the Bander Smith, LLC Project Summary Report which was reviewed and discussed by the Board of Directors at their meeting on December 8, 2014.  The report can be found here – Bander Smith LLC – Fawn Lake Dam Low Level Drain Inspection Summary – 11 05 14

The Board also reviewed the contract for the low level drain repair.  The Board voted unanimously to replace the low level drain with a hydraulic valve rather than repair the existing valve.  The Board also requested a revised proposal to include a secondary emergency shut off valve and associated costs.

The Board had received inquiries on whether the FLCA planned to dredge any portions of the lake to include modification to the boat ramp.  The Board had the process of a dredging permit researched.  As part of the research the previous dredge permit was pulled and reviewed.  In addition to the money already spent for the research, it was estimated that in order to complete any permit paperwork and graphics needed, the cost would be approximately $4000.  The Department of Environmental Quality permit fees (which will be required) ranged from $600 to $2400.  Our previous dredging experience in 2003 included mobilization, demobilization and restoration costs of approximately $61,930.00 not including the $11.84 per cubic yard charge.  After discussion the Board voted unanimously not to proceed with lake dredging at this time due to the unknown final cost of the Dam Low Level Drain repair, the potential cost of the dredging and noted that when the lake level is at normal elevation there is not a problem with the boat ramp.  If at a later date it is determined that dredging is needed, the Board will pursue it then.


The FLCA Board of Directors approved the 2015 Annual Assessment which will be $2,500.00 and the 2015 Annual Lot Maintenance Fee for undeveloped lots which will remain at $501.69.  Please note that 100% of the dues increase is allocated to the Common Area Reserve Fund.  Statements will be mailed out after December 15th and payment will be due on January 1, 2015.  If payment is not received by the 15th of January, 1% interest will be applied.

For 2015, you may pay the Annual Assessment in four installments, however if you choose this option, a $25.00 fee is due with each payment.   The schedule will be as follows:

$650.00 due January 1st ($625.00+$25.00)

$650.00 due April 1st ($625.00+$25.00)

$650.00 due July 1st ($625.00+$25.00)

$650.00 due October 1st ($625.00+$25.00)

This option is NOT available for the Lot Maintenance Fee.  If you have an undeveloped lot and you will be paying quarterly, the first payment would be $1,151.69 ($650.00 + $501.69).  Please include “Quarterly Payment” in the memo section of your check.  Please note:  the FLCA does charge a $50.00 returned check fee and no longer accepts American Express.


The Board of Directors approved the resolution updating the Lake Usage Regulations.  The updated regulations can be read by clicking on this link – LAKE USAGE REGULATION APPROVED DECEMBER 2014