The Pattersons

"The golf course was obviously a real attraction, but we really liked the club area, the beach and the lake. We loved the beauty - the scenery. The overall impression of Fawn Lake compared to the other communities we had toured seemed so inviting - a real planned spot. All the other communities just seemed like another suburb on a lake.

In our lifetime we have worked with a lot of realtors, a lot of contractors and a lot of builders. We just felt like this was different... the experience overall was made easier because of Patty. She was so responsive and so helpful. Beyond what any realtor ever has before. She was the best part of our building process here in Fawn Lake. Always on our side, she went above and beyond what she needed to do. We were not able to spend a lot of time here while building. We were still living in Arkansas at the time. We had a day where we needed to pick out all the finishes and it had to be done in one day. That is a lot to do! So we went and talked to Erin at Carpet House.. and here comes Patty. She spent the whole day there with us and helped us.

We have yet to meet anyone here that doesn't love it. They all just say how much they love living here and that they aren't going anywhere.

Fawn Lake has been everything we pictured, and probably will be more."

Moved to Fawn Lake in 2016 from Arkansas. Worked with Patty Talbott. Built their home with Atlantic Builders.

The Pattersons April 3, 2017